Louisville Photo Gallery

Pictures of Lunch meetings, features speakers, civic leaders, and members.
Rotarians work with local children to teach them about gardening skills.
News articles and pictures of our RPS program.
The Rotary Club of Louisville helped fund a project to bring water wells to Uganda.
Our members take phone call donation pledges to help Louisville Public Media achieve their annual fundraising goals.
Rotarians enjoy a night at Waterstep, a local group who resells used lightly used shoes to exporters to fund water accessibility projects.
Rotarians enjoy an exiting holiday themed party, with food and lots of entertainment.
Rotarians and guests attended a special club meeting in partnership with the club's Business Synergy Committee and developer/club member Jeff Underhill.
Rotarian and Past President Stet Stetten hosts a party to close out the Summer.
Rotarians help the local Salvation Army bring in holiday-time donations by ringing bells in the streets of downtown Louisville.

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