The Rotary Club of Louisville is governed by a Board of Directors and its committees are organized into five functional areas –  Membership Experience, Service, Communication, Philanthropy, and Management, in addition to those that directly support the work of the Board.

Our service is funded through the Rotary Fund of Louisville, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which receives contributions from Rotarians and other benefactors in the community.


Rotary Club of Louisville
2020-’21 Committees

Board Advisory Committees

Administrative & Compensation Committee

Develops and oversees administrative policies and Club operational processes.  Conducts periodic review of Club management (in accordance with established policies & the budget) and recommends compensation for the Rotary Club of Louisville staff. 

Luke Schmidt – Chair

Jean West – Vice Chair

Julie Schmidt – Board Liaison

Tony Coffey- Ex-Officio


Finance & Audit Committee

Oversee financial matters of the Club including budget, income and expenses.

Joe Ackerman – Chair

Steve Kerrick – Vice Chair

Tony Coffey – Board Liaison


Governance Advisory Committee/In House Counsel

Advises the Board to ensure compliance with the bylaws and constitution of the Rotary Club of Louisville, the constitution of Rotary International, and such other laws and regulations pertaining to governance and operations.  Renders opinions to the Board on proposed amendments to governance documents and other matters as needed for review as needed by the Board of Directors or Club President.  Committee members must be experts in legal matters. 

Lori Flanery – Chair

Brian Veeneman – Vice Chair

Julie Schmidt – Board Liaison


Investment Committee

Advise the Board on the management of the Rotary Fund of Louisville with appropriate investment plan that preserves and grows assets in accord with the purpose of the Fund.


Kevin Lynch- Chair

Tony Coffey- Board Liaison and Treasurer


Nominating Committee

Select candidates for slate of Officers and Board Members to be presented before the membership for their vote.  The committee is appointed by the President annually and approved by the board.  The Nominating Committee is to include the club President, President-Elect, past President, and Vice President and four other members should be named.  Members of the nominating committee shall not be eligible to be nominated for office. 

Jean West – Chair

Julie Schmidt – Board Liaison


Strategic Planning Committee

Facilitate a process for reviewing and updating the Club’s strategic plan with changes subject to Board approval.  Serve as an advisory resource for the Board, Board Liaisons, and Committees for developing and implementing a scope of work that aligns with the framework of the Club’s Mission, Vision & Values. 

Luke Schmidt- Chair

Maria Smith – Vice Chair

Julie Schmidt- Ex Officio


Membership Experience Committees


Archives Committee

Maintain the Rotary Club of Louisville’s history that helps members appreciate the legacy and impact of the Club. 


Maynard Stetten – Chair

Tony Newberry- Vice Chair

Stan Whetzel – Vice Chair

Todd Warren – Board Liaison


Awards & Recognition Committee

Manages the recommendation and selection for Club awards that include: ‘Service Above Self’, ‘Rotarian of the Year’, ‘Lifetime Service’ Awards.  The committee is composed by Board appointments.

Barry Allen – Chair and Board Liaison

Meredith Erickson – Vice Chair


Membership Development & Engagement Committee:

Increase the demographic and professional diversity of Club membership through a comprehensive strategy:  Acquire, Nurture, Retain.  Hold periodic Business Synergy events.  Provide a new member orientation membership class to build relationships and knowledge about the Club and Rotary International. 

Jay Mallory  - Chair

Mike Richardson  - Vice Chair & Board Liaison

Chris Teeley – Vice Chair


Public Image Committee

Develop a comprehensive communications plan to include updating the Rotary newsletter Sparks, relaunching the Rotary website, and expand social media. 

Kevin McCarron- Chair

Doug James – Vice Chair

Chris Whelan- Board Liaison


Social Activities Committee

Organize, promote, and coordinate social events for entertainment and Rotary fellowship.

Kelly Burke – Chair

Matthew Gardiner – Vice Chair

Greg Braun – Vice Chair

Julie Scoskie- Board Liaison


Rotary Club Meeting Committees


Hospitality Committee

Encourage fellowship and greater acquaintance among members.  Welcome visiting Rotarians and guests. 

Abby Drane – Chair

Gary Dryden – Vice Chair

Todd Warren – Board Liaison


Invocation Committee

Arrange invocations by Rotarians for meetings that are inspirational and follow Rotary guidelines.    

Cynthia Miles Brown- Chair

Maggie Elder- Vice Chair

Chris Whelan- Board Liaison


Music Committee

Arrange musical entertainment for Rotary meetings and special events.


Barbara Collins- Chair

Barbara Lynne Jamison- Vice Chair

Barbara Sexton Smith – Board Liaison


Speakers Committee

The Speakers committee identifies and schedules a broad array of qualified presenters who “inspire, inform, entertain, and challenge Rotarians”.   Each speaker is informed in advance of the parameters and presentation expectations.  (Members are selected by the president annually.)


Ashley Brauer – Chair

Delene Taylor – Vice Chair

Ken Selvaggi – Board Liaison


Rotary Philanthropy Committees



Rotary service projects improve the lives of people in our community and world.  There are two ways to support Rotary service:


The Rotary Foundation is affiliated with Rotary International and operates global programs such as Polio Plus, global scholarships, and more.  In addition, a portion of funds received from members are invested back into District 6710 and administered through District Grants.    


The Rotary Fund of Louisville is a separate fund that is directly affiliated with the Rotary Club of Louisville.  Grant monies are administered by our club. 


Rotary Foundation Committee

Educate Club members about the mission and impact of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and encourage financial support.


Betty Russo- Chair

Barry Allen – Board Liaison


Rotary Fund of Louisville Committee

Educates Club members about the specific mission and impact of the Rotary Fund of Louisville and promotes financial support, in collaboration with the Rotary Foundation Committee. 


John Jennings – Board Liaison



Service Committees


Community Impact Committee

The Community Impact Committee is a newly formed team of Rotarians that are unifying to identify  issues where Rotary may have impact.  First projects have been focused on items that impede progress such as graffiti.  The committee is now in the discovery phase of identifying issues that will be followed with an action plan of how Rotary may serve to help address racism and civil unrest in Louisville. 

Luke Schmidt- Chair & Board Liaison

Gregg Cobb- Vice Chair


International Service Committee

Advance understanding, goodwill and peace through education and personal involvement of members in international service projects and projects involving the international community in Louisville. 


Robert Hilgers – Chair

Paula Grisanti- Vice Chair

Denise Sears- Vice Chair

Larry Sloan – Board Liaison


Lifeline Committee

Plans and organizes activities and programs that foster an environment that values and supports members and nonmembers who are elderly, disabled or ill.  Activities include the Aging Education Series after the Club meeting when there is a 4th Thursday; visiting sick and homebound members; transporting members who cannot drive to meetings; and the Annual Repair Affair service project, providing minor home improvements for low-income seniors.

Larry Sloan – Chair & Board Liaison

Mike Fallot – Vice Chair

Gerald Martin- Vice Chair

Sophia Fischer – Vice Chair


Rotaract/Interact Committee

Supports affiliated Rotaract/Interact Clubs.  We support Interact (youth ages 12 -18) who want to tackle issues in their community, currently with chapters at Iroquois and Western High Schools. 


Charlie Farnsley – Chair

Rick Harned – Vice Chair

Barbara Sexton Smith- Board Liaison



Rotary Promise Scholarship Initiative

The Club established the Rotary Promise Scholarship in 2012 to move the needle on educational attainment.  Upon entering high school at Western and Iroquois High Schools, students are guaranteed tuition for the first two years of college at Jefferson Community & Technical College if they are academically successful, stay in school, and out of trouble.  In addition, as a Rotary Honor Scholar, students receive support through a robust mentoring program. 


Walt Kunau - Chair

Kevin Wardell- Vice Chair

Ken Selvaggi – Board Liaison


Service Projects Committee

Devise and carry out plans that guide and assist Club members in their community service responsibilities; supervise and coordinate the activities of such committees as may be created for implementation of community service.

Steve Eggers- Chair

Jan Grayson – Vice Chair

John Jennings- Board Liaison


Youth/Education Committee

Support quality education for students in elementary school through college in the community and help them attain their educational goals.  Projects include Unsung Heroes, Ted Buerck Scholarships, and the annual speech contest. 


Karen Morrison – Chair

Abby Piper – Vice Chair

Craig Scherman- Vice Chair

Carol Nord – Vice Chair

Cheryl Kersey – Board Liaison


Leadership Fellows Committee

Provides select graduates of U of L MBA Program with a three-year leadership development program and Honorary Club membership.  The goal is to help Fellows broaden their business and professional relationships, improve their career potential and contribute to the community motivated by the true spirit of “Service Above Self.”  Rotarians assist in the annual on-campus interview/selection process; serve as a Mentor, a one-year commitment to interface with a Fellow every other month; or help plan educational monthly meetings. 



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